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A Connected Life Is Within Reach

Authentic Living with Sarah Turner

Meet Sarah

Author, Coach, Mentor, Mother and Founder of Dijolife

Sarah Turner started her career at just 17, when in 1997, she joined the Royal Australian Navy. 3 years later, she graduated from the Australian Defence Force Academy with a Bachelor of Arts in history and politics.


By 21 she was a qualified warfare officer and veteran of the Gulf War. At age 23 she was one of the youngest ever qualified female navigators.  Before she had turned 28, she had completed her post graduate study at the University of Plymouth, and was classified an International Category A Hydrographic Surveyor.

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Featured in:

What I Specialize In

Mindfulness Training

Implementing a self-care practice

Inner Child Healng

Journaling for Healing

Reprogramming the subconscious

The Journey Towards Authentic Joy Begins With Self-Care.

Start Your Journey Today.

"She taught me to be the quirky, fun, loud and brilliant person I am and to be proud of that person!  I'm thankful every single day for Sare." 

Darla Coker

"I never understood the power of my authentic story, until I worked with Sare. She created a safe space for me to explore my past pain and map out a plan for a more connected future. She is an Earth Angel."

- Jemma Wills

Sare makes me feel like at my darkest moments there is a source of light I can turn my face towards.  It's a rare thing in this fast impersonal world we live in

Sarah McNaughton-James

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